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Who is behind the harassment

In November 2011, 10 wine companies selling wine over internet to Swedish customers/consumers were reported to the police by the Good Templars in Sweden; IOGT-NTO:

Just a month prior to the reporting the Swedish alcohol monopoly (Systembolaget) and the law firm that Systembolaget uses started to visit our homepage a lot. We thought it was a little bit strange that the police report was filed by the organisation IOGT-NTO as there were a lot of traffic to our website from Systembolaget but not from IOGT-NTO. We made a film (in Swedish) on YouTube on the statistics behind this strange behavior in 2011.

Maybe its just a strange coincidence that we had so much traffic from the Systembolaget to our site, but the same "coincidence" was repeated just weeks before we, on March 19 2014, had a armed police force at our offices that confiscated exclusive wine from Austria for 20 of our customers. See our press release about the the unclear Swedish law that lead to the harassment of a Swedish wine broker here:


Let us take a look at the statistics we get from Google Analytics from Systembolaget's internet domain: Systembolaget.se

Visits that are under 1 minute is showing in Google Analytics as 0 minutes.

The visits from the domain Systembolaget.se under the period October 2013-March 2014 at handlavin.se

Statistics from Systembolaget AB at Handlavin.se Q4 2013 and Q1 2014

Under the period October 2013 - Februari 2014 we had totaly 7 visits from the domain Systembolaget.se

  • On October 9 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for 18 minutes and 48 seconds.
9 October 2013

  • On October 16 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget under 0 minutes

16 October 2013

  • On October 5 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget under 0 minutes
5 November 2013

  • On October 6 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget under 0 minutes
6 November 2013

  • On November 28 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget under 0 minutes
28 November

  • On December 10 the homepage a visit from Systembolaget for 1 minute and 40 seconds
10 December

  • On February 28 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget under 0 minutes.

28 February

It was then time for our first delivery of wines that customers have ordered from wineries in Austria. The delivery was planned for March 17 - information that was available on the website.
The visiting frequency from the Systembolaget domain is increasing dramatically during the two weeks before handlavin.se will be exposed to the very unpleasant house warrant by the police.   

  • On March 3 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for 3 minutes and 7 seconds
3 March

  • On March 4 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for totaly 38 minutes and 41 seconds
4 March

  • On March 5 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for 4 minutes and 39 seconds
5 March

  • On March 7 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for 4 minutes and 39 seconds
7 March

The office of Handlavin.se were searched by the police on March 19 2014 and the police confiscates the customer orders of wines that have just arrived. The customers have waited for their orders for some time before delivery. The wines comes from small winegrowers in Austria. In total, this effects 20 of handlavin.se's customers. Handlavin.se are registered with the taxoffice in Sweden as a distance seller of wine and every bottle we have sold includes circa 1,9 Euro in Swedish alcohol tax.

After the incident, handlavin.se refrain from sending out any press release about what has happended. 3 days after the house warrant and the visit from the police the Systembolaget starts visiting handlavin.se again.

  • On March 22 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for 23 minutes and 23 seconds.
22 March

  • On March 24 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for 23 minutes and 23 seconds
24 March

  • On March 25 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for under 0 minutes
25 March

  • On April 2 the homepage have a visit from Systembolaget for under 0 minutes.
2 April

On April 3rd we send out our first press release with information that we will be applying to the court to get the confiscated goods back so that we can send them out to our customers.

Is it just a coincidence that Systembolaget in March 2014 spends nearly 90 minutes on the homepage Handlavin.se comparing to only 21 minutes - in total - during the previous 5 months? Is Systembolaget helping the good templars IOGT-NTO to find information to support their police report?
Does is have something to do with the rumours that Systembolaget have hired the former European Court of Justice judge, Stig von Bahr, to investigate the wine companies who are registered as distance sellers?

But there is another possibility; It is possible that Systembolaget during March 2014 suddenly became intrested in small ecological and biodynamical wine producers from Austria. Wineries that now have no possibility to be sold in Sweden as Systembolaget demands bigger quantities than the wineries can deliver. Who knows, maybe that is what happened... 

Should Sweden ask to be released from EU as it appears as if Sweden do not respect the rules on free trade within Europe? This will effect small wine producers in Europe and will make it possible only for large vineyards to be available on shelves in Sweden. And that only at Systembolaget. 

Sweden has an exception within EU for Systembolaget as the government has given them (Systembolaget) the assignment to foster public health. Since Sweden were granted this exception, Systembolaget has increased their opening hours (to include weekends and holidays) and started with home deliveries. Nearly 70% of all wine sales from Systembolaget are bag in box sales (3 liter boxes). So the question is what Systembolaget is really doing to foster the public health. 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systembolaget (About Systembolaget on Wikipedia)

Handlavin.se are presented with a house warrant at their offices in Stockholm and the wines that have arrived a couple of days earlier from Austria are confiscated. Handlavin.se are registered as distance sellers with the tax authorities. Mr. Molin risks a prison sentence of at least 6 months, and up to 6 years for selling quality wine including Swedish alcohol tax.

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